What you need to know . . .


Each day begins the only way it can–

light seeping from each body, all things,

until we illuminate each other.

2 thoughts on “What you need to know . . .

  1. Quite a few years ago, I read one of your poems, Openings, in The Sun magazine. I loved the poem when I read it and at one point typed it up and shared it with my brother. I haven’t thought about the poem in a while, but because it’s National Poetry Month, poems have been on my mind lately. This morning I remembered the poem (not the title, but I always have the image of the dog riding in the truck with his tongue hanging out) and was able to find it on my flash drive. I decided to look for other poems that you wrote and ended up at PoetOwl. First, I just wanted to let you know that Openings always fills me with intense satisfaction. It’s like inhaling deeply. And second, thank you also for the words that you posted for the last blog entry. It’s morning here in Jordan and, although I am very grateful for the life I am leading, there is also quite a bit of stress in my household. Your words are uplifting.

    • Kimberley Pittman-Schulz

      Brigitte, for some reason I did not see your comment until today. Thank you for your kind words, which are so appreciated in my life at this time, as I have had some challenges of my own that have slowed my writing unfortunately. Jordan . . . amazing to be so far in distance yet your words make you seem so close. With much gratitude, I send my best wishes to you.

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