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Grieving us: A Field Guide for Living With Loss Without Losing Yourself


Loss comes along. First it breaks your heart, then it stays.

How do you live with loss without losing yourself?

Death happens. It touches those you love and changes your world in unimagined ways. While loss comes along with you for life, grief doesn’t have to be forever. 

This book is about learning to live with loss and with joy every day. 

Through storytelling and simple practices, you’ll take a break from grief, find new ways to hold on to the one you love, and design your life-support system for living with loss

In Grieving Us: A Field Guide for Living With Loss Without Losing Yourself, I share how I discovered the power of Tiny-Come-Back-to-Your-Senses Rituals to turn my two-year struggle with unrelenting sorrow after the death of my mother into a life of deeper meaning and joy. While writing the book, I also explored the realities of anticipatory grief as I helped my husband navigate advanced heart failure in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


I aim to offer a fresh perspective that:

  • explores grieving mindfully, including grief healing concepts based on experience & science, 

  • pushes back on societal biases that value some losses as more grief-worthy than others, 

  • challenges the idea that you should ‘bounce back’ from loss, 

  • encourages curiosity and reconnecting to “your animal body” to cultivate well-being,

  • offers the missing “how-to” instructions for navigating a new world in which you get to go on living but have to do it without the person or animal companion that you love. 


I wrote this book to feel more like a conversation, with candor and humor. Yes, human beings need to laugh and sing even when they’re facing loss. 

Grieving Us is an upbeat field guide for living your one-and-only, heart-broken-and-still-beautiful life.

Download Sample Chapters from My New Book Grieving Us

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Mosslight: Winner of the 2011 FutureCycle National Poetry Book Prize 


Can nature be a source of healing?

In this collection of poems, my goal is to take you on a walking meditation along the crooked path through loss and longing where solace shimmers in the shadows, rooted in the rhythms of the natural world.


As my publisher describes it, “each poem is a small epiphany” offered by unlikely mentors . . . decaying redwood logs and listening ravens, “the golden gel” of a banana slug and a blur of wet bees, tiny fish caught in a shoe, a dog’s black face leaning from a truck window, even “eight rusty ants dragging a dead wasp through the grass” that challenge us with, “Who are you, anyway?”


Like a lost explorer—part-naturalist, part-Buddhist—the voice you'll discover in this collection wants to lead you deep into the present moment, “stark and lush,” reminding you that while “alone each foot burns/into cold layers” there is a larger interconnectedness, as “even in wet snow falling,/the wren sings.”

Mosslight is a journey with loss and with curiosity, letting nature and wildlife nurture you, whispering, Isn't the world larger because you are in it?