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Free Workshop

Reimagining Life After Loss

Pathway Back to YouA Live Workshop Online Via Zoom

Details Below

You'll Learn the Healing Impact of


Tapping into your unique power to overcome places in your loss journey where you feel stuck.


Taking the reins of your grief, so you feel less at the whim of difficult emotions.


Keeping a loving connection to the one(s) you've lost as you step with purpose into your future.

My gift to you for attending:
My Take-a-Break-from-Grief Self Care App

You Will Learn From

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Kimberley Pittman-Schulz,
Grief & Life Transitions Mentor, Coach & Author.

As a mentor to human beings in transcending grief, I help people around the world reimagine life after loss and cultivate joy every day. I’m also an award-winning poet & author who has a thing for birds . . . and the power of paying attention to the tiny moments in our lives to help us heal.

About the Workshop

Please join me—and a small group of others grieving the loss of someone they love—in the Pathway Back to You Workshop. It's live, online via Zoom, and it's free.

Together we'll spend about an hour (plus another 15-20 minutes for questions) discussing a new approach for navigating grief and reimaging life after loss. It's an approach that's science-supported, life-tested, and goes beyond simply coping and waiting for time to heal.

You'll have a chance to learn more about your ideal Grief Releasing Pathway. Most importantly you'll discover how your greatest obstacle to living with joy again is also your way forward.  


The key to finding your way back into a life filled with meaning and well-being is already within you.


Together, we'll share experiences, learn what really works when it comes to living with loss AND with joy every day, and explore how being on a loss journey with other kindred spirits can help you find your pathway back to you sooner.

Just for attending, I'll give you free access to my Take-a-Break-from-Grief Self Care App, that I created for my clients, to help you get started on your healing path right away.

Transcending Grief, Together

What People Say

Anne K.

"I do not trust anyone, but I trusted you. You saved my life and helped me navigate through my pain and gave me tools to move forward."


❦ Is this Workshop suitable for any type of loss?

Absolutely. The Pathway Back to You Workshop is designed to help those who have experienced the death of a loved one, whether it's a spouse or partner, parent, child, other family member, friend, or even a beloved animal companion. The approaches shared during the workshop can support you through your grief relating to many types of loss.

 When does the Workshop happen? Will It Be Recorded?

The Pathway Back to You Workshop is currently offered once each month, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm UK. It's a live, online workshop using the Zoom platform.  It will NOT be recorded (allowing participants to feel private, relaxed & free to share), unless all participants agree and wish a recording. Plus, watching a recording is less helpful—joining in real-time ensures you get your questions answered and can connect with supportive others. If you're unable to join a scheduled Workshop, please reach out to me using the Question Form below to discuss other options.

 Is this workshop only for women?

While the Pathway Back to You Workshop is oriented to helping grieving women, we understand that grief knows no gender boundaries. If you identify as a man and feel that this workshop could benefit you, you are more than welcome to join. The resources and support provided are applicable to anyone experiencing grief and wanting to rebuild their life.

 Is the workshop confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is a top priority in the Pathway Back to You Workshop and is expected of all involved. Together we create a supportive and private environment where participants can openly share their experiences and emotions. However, please be aware that as the workshop is conducted online, it is essential to find a private and secure space for your participation to ensure your own confidentiality.

 Do I need to be visible during the workshop?

It's wonderful when participants keep their cameras on so we can all see and support each other—a big reason these workshops are so powerful is in the connection with others. That said, if you're feeling you need to be off camera, that's absolutely okay. The Pathway Back to You Workshop is a safe space where you can come as you are emotionally as well as physically.

 What technology do I need to attend the workshop?

To participate in the Pathway Back to You Workshop, you will need a stable internet connection and a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The workshop will be conducted using the Zoom platform, so it's advisable to have the Zoom application installed or updated on your device before the session.

 Is there a cost associated with the workshop?

No, the Pathway Back to You Workshop is completely free of charge. While I offer paid small-group and one-to-one programs, I always want to share some free help and tools to support anyone dealing with grief to find their pathway back into a life of meaning, well-being, and inner joy. This workshop is one of several ways I do that.

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