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Appearances & Media

Yes, I Talk About Death a Lot...Also About Joy.

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Grateful to be invited onto podcasts as well as radio & television shows, to speak to diverse groups, and to teach or keynote at conferences.

I'm on a mission to encourage conversations about death and grief, living mindfully, reconnecting to our senses as a path into joy & well-being, the power of giving, and how we can each make the most of our heartbroken-and-still-beautiful lives for ourselves and others.

Seeking a Speaker for your Podcast, Program, or Conference?

Scroll down to access links to upcoming appearances & past talks and for reviews about having me as a guest or keynote speaker. 

Podcast, Talks & Keynotes

Alyssa Scolari,
Therapist, Clinician & Host of the podcast Light After Trauma

This episode had me emotional! With that said, I can't think of anyone I'd rather talk about such a difficult topic with. Kimberley is a kind and compassionate grief expert...bringing both personal pain and expertise to help us navigate the difficult journey of grieving.

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Mark Mulholland,
WNYT-TV Anchor/Reporter
& Host of The UpBeat Podcast

Kimberley Pittman-Schulz was an amazing guest! Her thoughtfulness, openness, and insightfulness led to an inspiring episode that will be of great help to our listeners who are dealing with grief and hard times and trying to find joy again. She was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend her as a guest to others.

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Sheila Rocker-Heppe,
Director of Cal-Poly Humboldt Extended Education

As a two-time keynote opening speaker for our regional Women, Wealth & Wisdom Conference, Kimberley was awesome. She pushed the audience a little out of their comfort zone, bringing her unique blend of inspiration and humor—the reviews from attendees were enthusiastic.

What People Say

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Possible Talk Themes

Want me to speak to your group, at a conference, or pull out my microphone to jump on a podcast with you? Let's talk.


Talking about ideas that matter, that inspire people to live more mindfully, with joy, and personal impact in the world, is one way I seek to be a resource to others.


Sample topics:

  • Interviews and Q & A related to my new book, Grieving Us: A Field Guide for Living With Loss Without Losing Yourself.

  • The Power of Tiny-Come-Back-to-Your-Senses Rituals: cultivating joy in the midst of grief and finding your way back into your heartbroken-and-still-beautiful life.

  • Post-pandemic grief: How to re-enter the world when your heart still hurts (strategies for home and the the workplace).

  • Why we need to talk about death and how it helps us embody our one-and-only lives and connect with others more fully.

  • Grieving the animals we love: Why the loss of animal companions/pets can sometimes be more difficult than the loss of people.

  • Grieving mindfully: Come back to your senses and create a new life after loss.

  • Being an Avatar as a grief healing strategy: How to hold on to the ones we love and lost by living for them and ourselves.

  • Giving as healing: How people survive loss by helping others through philanthropy, gifts of time & talent, and not-so-random acts of kindness.

  • Women, wealth & wisdoma powerful combination for personal and community change.

  • How seeing the world with a poet's sensibility leads to  deeper relationships with people and the planet, more effective leadership, and greater joy.

  • End-of-life planning beyond the documents--incorporating meaning, impact, and nurturing relationships into the process.

  • Writing and poetry as a tool for understanding ourselves.

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