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  • Kimberley Pittman-Schulz

Waiting for the New Era

“The end is where we start from.”

— T. S. Eliot

If I Could See the End Coming

I wouldn’t expect a sudden white light

or a familiar crowd on the horizon

waving me forward—just trees hiking

down the mountainside, winter creek

softening at the edges, filling with snowmelt,

tumbling toward me. My husband,

a river-runner, would be holding a trout

he carved from redwood burl, curved grain

giving momentum to fins, his voice

only in my head. “If you’re swept away,

point your feet downstream.”

Beyond me, there’d be leaping,

the sporadic glimpse of deer, squirrels

threading understory. I’d nod

to a single black bear up on two legs,

the last wild man, savoring the air

above his face. I’d watch the low moon

step down from a locust branch, pause

at another, and slip away. All would be,

or seem, a slow process, like falling

in and out of love, again and again,

with the same person for years. Many thanks to The North Coast Journal for publishing this poem in its January 3, 2013 Issue. Hurray, we made it into the New Era … now let’s hope for a global community where enlightened & empathetic actions lead the way.


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