A Place to Explore Loss, Joy & Being Mindful. 

Listen to an excerpt from my new book, Grieving Us.


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How do you live with loss without losing yourself?

That’s the question I hear most often from others dealing with the death of someone they love and ongoing feelings of grief & loss. 
Do you ever feel that way?

Hi, I'm Kimberley.

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Welcome to my virtual home. ;-)

I’m an award-winning poet & author who has a thing for birds. I write, teach, and speak about death & loss, living mindfully, and being a force for change in the world. My focus is helping humans, especially those struggling with grief or feeling lost, cultivate joy every day so they can more deeply experience the meaning and beauty of their one-and-only lives.

can I help you?

“You can live with loss and with joy every day.”

My Books


March 2021

Grieving Us: A Field Guide for Living With Loss Without Losing Yourself

Mosslight: Winner of the 2011 FutureCycle National Poetry Book Prize

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This is a portable support guide that is constantly there whenever loss whispers quietly or screams loudly to make itself heard and to be dealt with . . . . Because of the words and exercises in this book, I am much more aware of who I am and what I can do with the rest of my life! I have hope that I didn’t have before.


Her practical advice about being present with daily rituals, and that grief is love that needs somewhere to go, touched my heart in a profound way.


This book gave a concrete roadmap of what to actually do to feel better and be connected. . . . In Yiddish there is a term, beshert, which translated means “meant to be.” I found this book as a way to finally reconcile losses of my father, sister, and brother in a way that allows healing.


Early Praise for

Grieving Us

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Download Sample Chapters from Grieving Us

Recent Posts

Stories, strategies, poems & possibilities.

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Joy is intuitively knowing you are meant to be here, that you matter.

“Joy is an inside job. It grows out of feeling connected to your own life. It's a sense of belonging to this world and this moment, to this place in time and space that is your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. It encompasses peace and well-being.

— from Grieving Us


Recent Talks
Podcasts & Programs

dreams and detours podcast.jpeg

Podcast Conversation

Talked with Susan Montanaro, podcast host & psychotherapist of Dreams and Detours in this episode, Returning to Ourselves After Loss.


Podcast Conversation

Talked with Dr. April Seifert, psychologist & life design strategist of Peak Mind Psychology in this episode, Finding Meaning as We Move Through Grief.

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Video Conversation

Talked with Dr. Elisha Goldstein, psychologist, best-selling author, and co-founder of the Mindful Living Collective about grieving mindfully.

To listen, you'll need to join the Mindful Living Collective.
It's free & a supportive online community for living mindfully.
The optimal Life with Nate farber.jpg

Podcast Interview

Talked with Nate Haber, an attorney and host of The Optimal Life Podcast, about finding your way back into your life after the death of a loved one.

Interviews & Conversations

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Grateful to be invited onto podcasts & radio shows, speak to diverse groups, and teach at conferences to encourage conversations about death and grief, living mindfully, and how we can each make the most of our heartbroken-and-beautiful lives for ourselves and others.

Looking for a Speaker for your Program or Podcast?


Excerpt from Interview with

the Mindful Living Collective


“Kimberley Pittman-Schulz has written a really important book and is an amazing writer. She shares from her personal experience something that is more important than ever right now after going through a time of global grief—how to move through it skillfully in a way that brings meaning and allows us to experience well-being.”


Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., psychologist, international mindfulness leader, best-selling author & co-founder of the

Mindful Living Collective


Excerpt from Interview with

Light After Trauma Podcast


“Kimberley Pittman-Schulz uses her writing to help others heal, bringing both personal pain and expertise to help us navigate the difficult journey of grieving.”


Alyssa Scolari, Mental Health Counselor and podcast host of 

Light After Trauma

Recent Talks
Podcasts & Programs


Podcast Conversation

Talked with Alyssa Solari, mental health & trauma counselor and podcast host of of Light After Trauma in this episode, Grief & Love: Two Sides of the Same Coin.

vroom vroom veer podcast cover.jpeg

Podcast Conversation

Talked with Jeff Smith, Air Force Veteran & eclectic podcast host of Vroom Vroom Veer in this episode, Finding Joy to Process Grief.

quest for well-being podcast.jpeg

Podcast Conversation

Talked with Valeria Teles, podcast host & holistic health coach of Fit for Joy in this episode, The Dance Between Grief and Joy.


Podcast Conversation

Talked with Dr. Allen Lycka, podcast host, physican, and author of The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life in this episode, Making Your Way Through Grief to Joy.

Upcoming Talks
Podcasts & Programs

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